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    Rockweed Trading: Assisting Maine Riparian Landowners in Selling or Protecting Their Rockweed and Other Seaweeds.

    You now have a voice in protecting and managing Maine's seaweed resources!

    The Maine Supreme Court has ruled riparian landowners also own the rockweed on their property.

  • Maine Riparian Land Owners Own The Rockweed On Their Property.They May Sell Or Protect Their Rockweed. We are Here To Help.

    We will match rockweed owners to rockweed buyers or help assure your rockweed is left untouched.


    Decide: Sell or Protect

    Do you want to sell your rockweed or protect it from harvest?


    Register Your Rockweed With Us

    Registration will place your land in a database that identifies your rockweed as protected or for sale.


    Protect Your Seaweed

    We will assist you in posting and protecting your rockweed.


    Accept Purchase Offers or Not

    We will obtain bids on your rockweed that respect your right to enjoy your property and to enforce sustainable harvesting practices at a fair price to you.

  • Register

    Sign up below and we will contact you to either assist you in selling your rockweed or protecting it from harvest.

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  • Things to Know

    Maine's Natural Resources Need to Be Protected And Managed

    The Maine Supreme Court has ruled that rockweed is private property in Ross v. Acadian Seaplants. This means that all Maine riparian landowners whose deeds include rights to the low water mark own their rockweed. It is now up to individual landowners to decide to sell or protect their seaweed. Protecting your seaweed is fairly easy-- register and post. Selling you seaweed lets you support traditional Maine marine communities, but also allows you to determine when and how much of your rockweed is harvested. If you register and wish to sell you seaweed, we will come up with common sense harvesting guidelines that respect your enjoyment of your property while permitting our local seaweed harvesters to make a living while respecting your wishes for sustainable harvesting practices. We will also assist you in managing other seaweeds that may be on your lands such as kelp, dulse, nori, and others.


    Who We Are

    Rockweed Trading is a DBA of Tikal Consulting Company, LLC. Andrea "Trey" Angera is the principal of TCC and is also active in the seaweed industry as a consultant, Executive Director of the Maine Seaweed Exchange, and as part of Springtide Seaweed, LLC- the largest organic seaweed farm in North America.


    We are based in Gouldsboro, Maine.