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    Consulting and advising start-ups and growth businesses.

    Entrepreneur. Software Engineer. Technologist.

    Food-Tech Innovator. Chef. Inventor. Attorney.


    Our principal, Andrea "Trey" Angera, has over twenty-five years of business and legal experience, including as a managing partner of a regional law firm, as in-house counsel, and as a CEO. He has worked in the aviation, manufacturing, and food industries. By weaving his extensive legal and business background with his grounding lifestyle knowledge, he is able to provide a balanced and successful development program to professionals, as well as comprehensive consulting services to enterprises that recognize the importance of the human element to successful businesses.


    He is also a leader in the organic food and aquacultured seaweed industries.


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    Start-up Incubator

    Providing the resources and support to assist great ideas to become reality. Primarily focused on food and agriculture tech companies, as well as aviation.

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    Sales, marketing and operations consulting across a broad range of industries. Well versed in lean processes and manufacturing.

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    Legal Representation

    Advising companies and individuals as they grow and expand.

  • Our work

    Companies we've assisted or currently work with:

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    Curated Corporate Meal Programs

    Culture Catered

    Creating corporate cultures through food.

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    Sales, Marketing and Operations Consultant


    Making farm to table a reality through a supply chain SaaS package that integrates demand planning, e-commerce, and just in time harvest.

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    Herbal Remedies

    Malu Botanicals

    Herbal remedies based on Ayurvedic principles.

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    Managing Restaurant and Vendor

    Dine Market

    Creating an online marketplace that matches vendors and artisanal producers to restaurants.

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    Aircraft Management

    Avia General and Command Share

    Managing private aircraft and shared ownership programs that maximize the benefits of private aviation - cost effectively.

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    Creating a Blue-Green Economy

    Springtide Seaweed, Maine Seaweed Exchange, Springtide Organics

    Supporting communities and our planet with regenerative ocean farming by creating innovative seaweed products and aquaculture technologies.

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    Supporting Food and Food-Tech

    Impact Hub Belgrade is part of the global movement of innovative entrepreneurial communities prototyping the future of business in 90+ locations around the world, featured in the Economist, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and Forbes.

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    Changing lives by promoting the Five Secrets to Optimal Health:

    1. Bioindividuality: Everyone is unique and why no single diet will work for every person.
    2. Quality Over Quantity: Counting calories does not work.
    3. Plant-Based Foods: BUT you don’t HAVE to be “vegan” or “vegetarian” to be healthy.
    4. Smart Food Choices: Eat healthier without sacrificing the foods you love.
    5. Mindset: A dysfunctional relationship to food impacts your overall health.
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    Recovering Lost Credit & Loan Opportunities

    Transforming the way credit risk is evaluated.

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